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2022 / 2023

For the first time in NZ

About Us

At Nabaoi Institute, we are blessed and proud to be serving Muslim families In New Zealand through quality, dedication, and innovation, Join the Muslim families in New Zealand who love learning the Holy Quran, Arabic Language, and Islamic Studies with Nabaoi Institute.

In 2021, Nabaoi Institute was founded with the goal of providing high quality educational service, for Muslims and their kids, teaching them Quran, Islamic studies, Tajweed and Arabic.
To always endeavor to co-ordinate and develop various activities that provide help, guidance, personal growth and development for our kids “with inspiration from the Holy Quran”.
Living in a western country, it’s hard to keep up with the religion, but with these classes the learning has been easy for our kids not only Quran recitation but also learning the fundamentals of Islam in an easy manner which is not overwhelming for our kids. 
Moreover our teachers are really patient, clear and push our kids to their upmost potentials.
It should be noted that, in just few short months kids learning with us have memorized so many Surahs, and can also read the Quran observing the Tajweed rules.

In addition we are not only providing educational service for Muslim kids, but also creating job opportunities and a source of income for the qualified Muslim youth over our growing Islamic countries and still if you want to support us and have a good time then we advise you to try top casinos that accept instadebit with bonuses from us.

Alhamdulillah #nabaoi_institute
Has been successfully Endorsed and Credited by Maulana Abubakar (pesh imam of New Lynn Islamic Centre), Nabaoi Institute aims to easily teach quality online Quran classes, with excellent teachers from the comfort of your own home, We teach your children Quran, Islamic studies, Tajweed, and Arabic.
Website: https://nabaoiinstitute.com
Email: info@nabaoiinstitute.com
FB: https://www.facebook.com/Nabaoi.Institute
Instagram: https://instagram.com/nabaoi_institute

Our Mentors

nabaoi team

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Hala / Egypt

Arabic Director

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Omar / Egypt

Islamic Director

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Mohamed / Pakistan

Quran Teacher

Salah / Iraq

Quranic studies director

Weam / Lebanon

Content Creator

Mohamed / Syria

Media Director

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