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Where we learn and memorize the Quran, Surah by Surah and Juz by Juz, practicing new verses so you achieve the required progress in addition to revising in every class so you don’t forget what you have already memorized. At the end of which you can also apply for an Ijaazah i.e certificate that certifies your achievement in memorizing the entire Holy Quran.

Learning the science of recitation enhancement, with detailed explanation to the various important rules like Madd, Meem Sakin, still if you want to support us and have a good time then we advise you to try online casino accepts american express with bonuses from us.

Where we learn the Arabic language and the alphabets. The Harakats, Sukoon and Shaddah. Understanding how each letter has it’s own shape, sound and articulation point. Grammatical rules involved in the formation of the sentences and applying the pronouns and prepositions efficiently to be able to read and understand Arabic correctly

In which we learn about the Prophets, specially our beloved prophet Muhammad PBUH, we learn Islamic topics like Islamic pillars, Salah, Sawm, Hajj, Wudu, Dua’, we learn how the prophet PBUH was an educator, we understand the value of being Muslims.

At Nabaoi Institute

Teach your kids Qur’an, Islamic studies, Tajweed, and Arabic.

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